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Recommended Reading & Downloads. Relationship

Overcoming Relationship Problems by Michael Crowe

Everyday problems such as financial pressures, sexual and emotional problems, fidelity issues or the complications of second marriages can put unbearable pressure on relationships and family life. This highly effective self-help guide, uses proven therapeutic strategies derived from family therapy to help you to overcome your relationship problems.

Recommended Reading & Downloads. male book

The New Male Sexuality by Bernie Zilbergeld

Clear, comprehensive, witty, and refreshingly realistic, The New Male Sexuality addresses the most urgent questions of men today - and of the women who love them. Bernie Zilbergeld reports findings from his twenty years as a psychologist specializing in human sexuality, as well as those other experts in the field, and shares his own and his clients' experiences. The result is the most comprehensive guide ever to enhancing desire and arousal, focusing on pleasure rather than performance, and keeping sex exciting and fulfilling.

Recommended Reading & Downloads. hot book

Hot! Hot! Hot!: The Body Electric by Anne Hooper

"Hot Hot Hot" is written for everyone who wants a cracking good sex life but hasn't quite managed to grasp it yet. Based on a sex workshop run by Anne Hooper, it is both a reality sex manual and a compelling read. Described as 'a seminal work' it breaks the mould. If you ever wanted to gain more sensual pleasure when making love, you need this book.

Recommended Reading & Downloads. Toad

Counselling for Toads: A Psychological Adventure by Robert de Board

This best-selling author, says: 'Toad's experiences are based on my own experiences of counselling people over a period of twenty years. Counselling for Toads is really an amalgamation of the many counselling sessions I have held and contains a distillation of the truths I have learnt from practice.'
Appropriate for anyone approaching counselling for the first time, whether as a student or as a client, or for the professional counsellor looking for something to recommend to the hesitant, Counselling for Toads will appeal to both children and adults of all ages.

Recommended Reading & Downloads. Quiet the Mind

Quiet the Mind by Matthew Johnstone

In a world where finding even ten minutes to 'do nothing', the benefits of meditation can be profound. Meditation is simply a way of giving our brains a well-deserved break and can actually help our brains to function healthy and happily.

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